A Taste of Summer - Flyer
Flyer design for a caribbean event. The final piece of work had to be fun, exciting and colorful.
Frank & Gray - Website
Website design for a luxury spa business.
Scrum - Book Cover
Book cover designed for one of the victims from the Colectiv Club, which is an author and musician.
Empanada Guy - Website
Website design for Empanada Guy, fastest growing fast food gourmet. After appearing on television and being hugely popular, the online part is currently taken care of and a great website design was needed.
Iceberg Web Design - Website
Homepage layout for a web design agency looking to redesign their website.
Various Banner Ads
Various banner ads designed for various clients. All sizes are compliant with Google Adwords banner size requirements.
Christmas in the North Party - Invitation
Christmas event in Singapore, designed with support to both English and Mandarin speaking attendees.
Leaders of the Hardwood - Flyer
Basketball flyer handed out to high schoolers. The look had to be similar to something Nike or Adidas would have offered, while not using any reference to certain brands.
Route 32 - Invitation
A famouse pediatric dentistry and orthodontics needed some retro, vintage looking invitations to be sent before their grand opening.
Texas Meltz - Postcard
Postcard created for a Grand Opening in Texas. Target was to obtain a traditional, pub look.
Bite Size Advice - Book Cover
A great book about learning the concepts of economics, tehnology and politics and the strings between them. The book had to be minimal, simple but with a twist, showing the idea of a small bite, which was portrayed by attaching the world map to the B letter. The author gets the credits for the idea. Number 2 of the book is under development and almost finished for distribution.
The Organic Clean-Living Cookbook - Book Cover
150 Recipes for organic cooking and leaving clean. The main idea of the book was to illustrate that healthy food can be cooked in many ways. This was portrayed by showcasing a multitude of foods, condiments in spoons that are ready to be made into delicious healthy food.
Deep Blue - Book Cover
A great thriller-biography book that needed to be simple and straightforward, while illustrating the idea of espionage, cyber security and data spy among the corporate world.
The Rise of the Chosen Ones - Book Cover
Self Help book cover that needed to portray the idea of uniqueness, originality and also the concept of success. Using a tree to symbolise the individual and a road to the tree meaning the road ahead to become great gave this book the final touch that was required.
Eye for an I - Book Cover
To know oneself is to embrace one's personal power. The author of the book wanted to portray a mirroring effect when one is reflected upon his/her own self being. With this cover, the idea of consciousness, critical thinking and self awareness was showed simply and straightforwardly.
Bias In The Media - Book Cover
The main idea that had to be presented in this book was the media going against a politician after he switched parties. The author was thrilled with the final result and the book managed to illustrate the general idea. The cover artwork was made from multiple photos and effects were applied to achieve an uniform look.